Honey-Dip Fingerz: Fulfilment Policy

At Honey-Dip Fingerz we have prepared a robust fulfilment policy to ensure our customers know how we fulfill your orders and what to expect as their orders are processed for pick-up or delivery:

Refund Policy: Customers can no longer cancel and get refunded for Ready to Go orders or Pre-orders made, however you will be issued store credit equal the total amount less any applicable taxes for your previous order that can be applied in the future. Your store credits do not expire.
Delivery Policy: Customers can inform us at the time of placing the order how you want your ordered processed, whether as a pick-up or to be delivered. If customer chooses pick-up they should specify the pick-up date, time. Once order is placed they will get notified via text/email that their order is ready for pick-up. If a customer decides to have their order delivered, they will provide an address and contact details (phone number and email address) so we can arrange a delivery to your address for a fee. Once placed you will be notified when your order has been prepared, picked up, in transit and delivered. If you Opt to have your orders placed through DoorDash or UberEats then you will be charged on the Merchant site any applicable delivery fees unless you decide to pickup your order.
Return Policy: Once you place your orders and receive it, orders items cannot be returned. However if you have an issue regarding your order, you can call our customer service on 469-734-0568 or email us at info@honeydipfingerz.com and inform us of your issue. We will do our best to resolve it or issue you a store credit. We strive to always make you happy with our product and we reflect this in the care and level of quality we put into preparing and making your orders.
Cancellation Policy: Once you place your orders and realize you need to cancel either an item or the entire order, you can contact our customer service, and inform us of your decision. If you order is still way out and has not been processed, we may be able to cancel. However if the order items are already being processed (less than 48 hours to delivery), we may decline the cancellation or issue you a store credit as this depends on the size of your order and how far gone we are in the process of making your order. Overall we are still committed to making you satisfied and provide a win-win situation for you, irrespective of your cancellation option.